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QSAR Toolbox: Known issues

1. [11.08.2017] Insufficiency in simulated S9 metabolism of specific chemicals

Insufficiency has been identified in simulated S9 metabolism of specific terpenoid chemicals. The limitation could be fixed by the corrected version of the Rat liver S9 metabolism transformation table. The correction requires:
  1. Download MetabolismFix.zip
  2. Stop both the Toolbox Client and the Toolbox Server (if running)
  3. Place both the S9_Rodent_Ames_10.08.17.txt and the M10_Rat Liver S9.cfg files from the downloaded archive into the Toolbox Config folder. Confirm the file replace dialog for the second file. The default location of the folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\QSAR Toolbox 4.1\Config

2. [11.08.2017] ToolboxServerApp.exe has not been digitally signed in the R4 installation

We have identified that the Toolbox Server (ToolboxServerApp.exe) was not digitally signed in the R4 installation. We have now published an updated installation (R5) with the Toolbox Server properly signed. If you have already downloaded and installed QSARToolbox41Aug2017.R4.zip you may encounter problems running the server caused by either a security policy or an antivirus program. In such cases you may either uninstall the Toolbox, download the R5 installation and install it OR you may download and replace the ToolboxServerApp.exe. We appologize for the inconvenience.