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QSAR Toolbox: Download

Installation package (for both standalone and distributed deployments)

QSAR Toolbox 4.2.1
QSARToolbox4.2.1Oct2018.zip  2.44GB October 09, 2018 [Release Notes]

Patch for version 4.2

Update from version 4.2 to version 4.2.1
Update4.2To4.2.1.R7.exe  29.38MB October 09, 2018

Important Note

The installation package is compressed using WinZip 17. Other applications might not be able to decompress the package as different applications implement the ZIP format differently. A free alternative that was tested with the installer package is the 7-Zip application. 7-Zip can be downloaded from http://www.7-zip.org/.

After downloading the zip package, please first decompress it and then start the installation from the resulting folder.
Do not run the installation directly from within the compressed file.

Known issues

  1. The Toolbox Client cannot connect to the QSAR Toolbox Windows service.
  2. The Toolbox Server cannot connect to the PostgreSQL database when the server application and PostgreSQL are deployed on separate machines.
  3. You have a previous deployment of PostgreSQL server but don't know the password for it. You need to reset the PostgreSQL password.
  4. The WebServices return an error result when using the search/smiles endpoint.
Details and fixes

Other Downloads

  • Scheme Migrator App - Tool for converting Toolbox 3.x profiling schemes to the 4.x format
  • Database Migration Tool - Tool for migrating custom Toolbox databases from previous versions into QSAR Toolbox 4.2
  • As of April 3 2017, version 3.4 has been moved to the Archive section where you can still download it.
  • A wealth of user manuals, examples and demonstrational movies is available in the Support section.

Getting Help

If you encounter any problems during the registration or download process, please let us know.